Google Ads And Marketing Expert For Cosmetic Practices

Attention cosmetic practitioners! Are you eager to amplify your client base and skyrocket your sales in the competitive world of skincare? Look no further! I’m Angeline, and I’m here to revolutionize your practice.

With nearly two decades of expertise in skincare marketing, I specialize in crafting high-impact Google and Meta Ads campaigns that drive results. Picture your practice at the top of search engine results, attracting an influx of eager clients ready to experience your transformative skincare solutions.

But that’s not all – I offer a comprehensive suite of services encompassing full business development strategies. From refining your in-house marketing techniques to harnessing the power of online platforms, I ensure your practice stands out amidst the noise.

Why settle for mediocrity when you can dominate the skincare market? Let’s partner together to propel your practice to unprecedented success. Contact me today to supercharge your practice and unlock its full potential!

There are three problems that exist in skincare marketing:

1. Marketing companies take advantage of doctors and clinic owners who don’t understand marketing.

2. Marketing companies legitimately don’t understand how to market cosmetic practices. It’s complicated because it’s very specialized and there are restrictions because it’s considered healthcare space.

3. Marketing companies don’t know cosmetic skincare services in depth.

In Conclusion…


As a Google Partner with 20 years of experience marketing cosmetic practices, I have mastered to bridge the disconnect between cosmetic practices and marketing companies. 

I take very few clients and in non-competing cities in order to dominate your expertise in your area.  If you want to be the authority in your field, in your area, contact me.

I am also a skincare/laser educator and trainer. I like to teach nurses and aestheticians how to perform consultations with skincare education at the forefront.  I firmly believe that before attempting to sell a service, you must understand the skin biology, in order to educate your clients on the best treatment options as well as the fundamentals of treatment technologies. 


My Education & Experience

  1. Industry Expertise: Former medspa owner turned consultant for leading cosmetic clinics in Toronto and New York.

  2. Diverse Background: With a background in engineering and over 20 years of marketing experience, I bring a unique blend of technical prowess and marketing acumen to the table.

  3. Google Partner: As a certified Google Partner, I have a proven track record of delivering exceptional results through targeted advertising campaigns.

  4. Paid Ads Specialist: With expertise in paid ads, I know how to optimize campaigns to maximize ROI and drive qualified leads to your doorstep.

  5. Skincare Marketing Guru: Having navigated the intricacies of skincare marketing for two decades, I know what it takes to stand out in this competitive industry.

  6. Innovation Is Key: In an ever-evolving industry, staying ahead of the curve is essential. I thrive on creativity and innovation, ensuring your brand remains at the forefront of the skincare market.

  7. Proven Results: My clients have seen tangible results, from increased website traffic to a surge in appointment bookings. Let me help you achieve similar success

Unlock Your Potential: Ready to take your skincare practice to the next level? Let’s connect and discuss how I can leverage my expertise to supercharge your business.

For more information on my education and tech stack see my about me page!

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