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Skincare Books

I wrote a few easy-to-understand books for consumers about cosmetic treatments. My goal is to explain the basics of these treatments, regardless of the specific brands that clinics or centers use. As a practitioner, aesthetician, or nurse, this is essential knowledge you should have. You can find these books on Amazon.
The Ultimate Skin Correction Guide Learn About Scar Removal, How To Remove Pigment, and get rid of wrinkles

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Get My Book The Ultimate Anti-Aging Guide On Amazon!

Most cosmetic clinics will promote treatments which are more lucrative or try to sell you whatever technology they carry. Not all lasers are equal. Some lasers are better for scars, others for pigment etc… One laser does not do it all even if it is FDA approved to do so.

I hope to help you make a better educated choice about your skincare needs and remember to always keep a healthy mindset about your skin. Skincare is healthcare. Hope you enjoy my books :

Bilingual Skincare Books

Do you want to learn how to perform consultations in different languages?

Maybe you are moving to an English speaking country and plan to work in the skincare industry?

Maybe you have Spanish speaking staff that need to learn to better explain treatments in English!

If you answered YES to any of the above questions…get my bilingual books! 

Although my books are branded for Learning English, they are simply bilingual books. Feel free to read them to learn to speak about skincare in Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Polish. My bilingual books offer unique line by line translations.