Angeline's Passion Projects

Angeline Pompei ESL TELF international english teacher who makes skincare ESL books

After my own difficulties learning languages, I decided to make bilingual books and music for adults to Learn English naturally.

The books I am most proud of are my skincare books since skincare was my first love for almost 20 years.

My book series Learn English Fast® is in Amazon in multiple languages. 

It consists of 4 Essential books for learning English.

There are another 8 books which are simply bilingual books to practice reading in English.

My skincare books are part of the bilingual book collection in the series. 

If you go to my Amazon Author Page, you can find all my books. 

As I mentioned earlier, the bilingual book collection is simply a collection of bilingual books. 

If you are looking for reading material to practice Spanish, French or Italian, my bilingual books are excellent, easy to read books on various topics.

To learn more visit my website!

I am also a singer/songwriter

Angeline Pompei singer songwriter

Music simply fills my heart. Singing and songwriting was an unexpected passion I discovered during the process of making songs for adults to learn English.

You can her my music on my site

Feel free to add my songs to your playlists if you have Spotify, Apply Music or Amazon Music!

I actually included in one of my songs how I was a skincare marketer! I still have some skincare marketing clients and I actually loved performing treatments earlier on in my career. 

My song is a musical theatre song called “I Like Work”. 

Listen to my music!